Nata De Coco

So, what is Nata de Coco?

You might be thinking, what really is it that makes up the consistency of Mogu Mogu? What makes the Mogu Mogu bottle glow in the dark? Just remember…you gotta chew! 

Nata de coco is a unique Filipino specialty that is made with fermented coconut water. After days of fermentation, it transforms into a jelly-like substance with a soft, chewy, and gelatinous texture. Plain nata de coco is pale white and almost translucent. Nata de coco translates to ‘coconut cream’ and is a jelly like food product. Not only does nata de coco have a high fibre content, it also is low in cholesterol. Nata de coco can make the perfect sweet treat to add to brighten up and energise your day. Need an afternoon pick me up? Look no further.

Originating in the Philippines, Nata de coco most commonly is sweetened as a candy or dessert and can accompany many things including drinks, ice cream and desserts. It initially appeared in the Philippines and became incredibly popular in Japan during the 1990s. Not only is it found in Mogu Mogu, but it is in a variety of flavours, it can be eaten plain as a good source of fibre, it is usually incorporated in refreshing fruit salads, yogurts, ice-cream, and drinks.

Nata de coco in Mogu Mogu gives an individual approach to the food and beverage industry and certainly shakes up the still drink scene! With fruity goodness in every gulp, Mogu Mogu is an international sensation. 

Why nata de coco works so well in Mogu Mogu

Mogu Mogu has a unique concept which is peculiar and distinctive, aside from your usual refreshment. With being a refreshingly juicy drink, Mogu Mogu boasts a crisp texture that you can get your teeth into. Combining chewy nata de coco chunks with a tropical selection of fruit juices and 14 different flavours. There is a Mogu Mogu for every occasion, with a light hearted and playful element, energise your day the right way. Our drinks are vegan friendly, and many individuals are finding that Mogu Mogu is ideal for more specific or restrictive diets to incorporate into your snacking routine. 

Refresh your fun spirit with Mogu Mogu. Our fun sized bottles are perfect for packing for your adventures out and about every day. Whether that being for a wholesome office refreshment or for a sugar fix before that gym session. If you are busy and are on the go, Mogu Mogu is the ideal drink to refuel with! Choose how you want to enjoy your Mogu Mogu.

Variety is the spice of life…With a vast array and variety of flavours in our collection, we have a whole rainbow of fruits to choose from that make up our fruity family. 

The History Behind Mogu Mogu 

Mogu Mogu, translating directly to Chew Chew the company first ventured into the beverage industry in 2001, by introducing a drink with coconut jelly. It was the company's first beverage product with a ‘snacking’ element and was launched under the management of Mr Adisak Ruckariyaphong, a second-generation executive of a family business.

The launch was only a small start to something big, as the company introduced the world's drink with coconut jelly. Ever since launch and entry into the beverage industry, the Mogu Mogu brand has satisfied both local and international consumers. The product itself is tasty, fruity and delivers a refreshing and fun feeling. Almost overnight, Mogu Mogu created quite a stir in the industry and quickly became everyone's favourite chewy drink. Mogu Mogu has received terrific feedback internationally and is now available in more than 60 countries around the world.

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