The History Behind Mogu Mogu

Where it all started

Over in Thailand, Mogu Mogu started from a concept inspired from coconut jelly and nata de coco as so many widely enjoy it as a dessert. The first ever Mogu Mogu was first produced in Thailand back in 1970. The cream of coconut which forms nata de coco for Mogu Mogu is widely popular in many snacks and sweet desserts across South East Asia. Made from the sweet, flavourful juice of young, green coconuts, nata de coco is unique and delicious which goes hand in hand with a vast array of vibrant flavours.

Mogu Mogu was introduced to the beverage industry in 2001, by presenting ‘you gotta chew’ a snack whilst drinking, creating a brand new experience of chewing with coconut jelly. It was the company's first beverage product and was launched under the management of Mr. Adisak Ruckariyaphong, a second generation executive of the family business.

Ever since Mogu Mogu was bought to market, it has satisfied both local and international consumers and has continued to grow rapidly around the world. The concept of Mogu Mogu is light hearted, full spirited and is an extremely tasty snack for all to enjoy. Almost overnight, Mogu Mogu created quite a stir in the industry and quickly became everyone's favourite chewy drink.

Meet our Mogu Mogu Mascot: Gumi Gumi

Meet Mogu Mogu, a small character of admiration and joy. Mogu Mogu lived on a deserted island. Despite the idyllic surroundings, Gumi Gumi was in search of some fun and company.

After a trip to the beach, he found Gumi Gumi, a small, squishy character who was friendly and excitable! Before Mogu Mogu could respond, another face popped up, and another. All the faces were of different colours. Other than their colour, they all looked exactly the same! The Gumi Gumi’s and Mogu Mogu became inseparable and they found a bottle floating near the shore. The bottle contained a message to help those who are in need of happiness and joy. 

Together they built a raft and sailed away from their island to our world. When they arrived, they worked together to create a refreshing beverage sensation, a feel good drink, in as many flavours as there are Gumi Gumi colours, and named, of course after Mogu Mogu!

Feel good with Mogu Mogu 

Light hearted and playful, Mogu Mogu’s mission is to provide a joyful experience packed full of flavour to all its customers. By being light hearted and able to enjoy anytime and anywhere, Mogu Mogu boasts a wide variety of flavours to choose from which are vibrant and exotic! What’s your flavour?!

Recent research from Mintel (2022) has shown that consumers are interested in a beverage experience which is uplifting and comforting. In addition, familiar product types with novel ingredients or nostalgic flavours are catering to the need for comfort. The desire to experiment can also be expressed in colour and texture that takes consumers on a taste journey. Consumers want to try and experience new textures in new products to enjoy a sense of adventure.

Mogu Mogu is the beverage experience which takes consumers on a journey from start to finish. By being unique and joyful all in one, consumers can choose from a variety of flavours, perfect for a variety of occasions and circumstances. Mogu Mogu invites users to join the high-spirited and fun-loving sprite

Perfect pairing with Mogu Mogu

Spicy Dumplings

Mogu Mogu pairs perfectly with oriental foods such as spicy dumplings and Chinese style noodles and rice! Looking for something to take the taste away? Join Mogu Mogu as a perfect accompaniment to enjoy after a meal. 

Masaman Curry

The fruity flavours of Mogu Mogu pair perfectly with a wholesome, full bodied curry. By adding Mogu Mogu to an oriental curry, this completes your sensory journey.

We hope you embark on a journey with Mogu Mogu!