Why You Need to Try Mogu Mogu... The TikTok Sensation!

Mogu Mogu, the drink you know and love that 'you gotta chew' is characterised by delicious nata de coco pieces. In fact, did you know that 'Mogu Mogu' is a phrase used in Japan to say ‘chewing?’

The chewable nata de coco in Mogu Mogu provides a snack to accompany the flavorful juice, is great for digestion, and is filling with few calories. The blend of juicy fresh flavours and delectable nata de coco pieces is what makes Mogu Mogu such a tantalising drink experience! Both the juice and nata de coco equally need each other, and blend together to create a drink that tastes like no other - rapidly becoming a new UK craze! The delicate coconut flavour of the pieces simply compliments the juice without taking over, creating a taste explosion that will keep you coming back for more!
Mogu Bottles
But what exactly is nata de coco? Nata de coco, also known as 'cream of coconut', is made of the sweet, flavourful juice of young, green coconuts. It is chewy & translucent with a soft, jelly-like texture and is produced by the fermentation of coconut water. It's origins date all the way back to 1949 in The Philippines when it was made as an alternative to 'nata de pina' which was a similar substance made from Pineapple! Nata de coco may be less known in
the U.K currently, but it is eaten daily in South East Asia, and is hugely popular in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia & Indonesia. Although it can be enjoyed alone, it is commonly found in desserts, on fruit salads and ice creams or soft drinks. It’s sweet and chewy texture makes it a moreish accompaniment to sweet treats, adding depth to dishes and drinks!
Just like other rising stars kombucha and kefir, the coconut juice that makes the nata de coco you know and love is fermented with various cultures using beneficial bacteria and yeasts, making it a great choice for digestive health.

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