The Spirit of Mogu Mogu & The Gumi Gumi Family



Introducing Mogu Mogu & Gumi Gumi

We are known for offering a chewy, delicious taste explosion that is fun to drink! Made of refreshing juices and nata de coco - Mogu Mogu is a multi-layered drink experience.  But how well do you know our lively characters that are the spirit and heartbeat of the brand? Let us introduce you to Mogu Mogu and the Gumi’s so you can get to know them better. 

Firstly, meet Mogu Mogu - he comes from a tropical place, surrounded by lush greenery and coconut trees (but nobody really knows where!). Mogu Mogu takes a stance against anything dull or boring - he wants to live life to the fullest and have fun. He is the antidote for anything bland, cloudy and flat!  Where you find Mogu Mogu, you’ll find his bestie  - Gumi Gumi. Together Mogu Mogu & Gumi Gumi make for an inseparable team. Most likely to be spotted chilling or partying, if they vibe with a place - they will stay there and have fun!

Meet the Main Gumi’s 

There are many flavours of Gumi’s, and they all have different personas and love to hang out together and have fun, each bringing a unique quality and flavour to the pack. 

Lychee Gumi - the leader of the Gumi’s and rallies the other Gumi’s for big projects

Coconut Gumi - starts every day feeling fresh and says that you should do the same

Grape Gumi - loves to hang out in a group and is a huge team player

Mango Gumi - the celebrity of the gang - everybody loves Mangos 

Orange Gumi - a much-loved classic, Orange has been around forever!

Melon Gumi - is all about good vibes and keeping it chilled

Pink Guava Gumi - the ultimate cutie, such fun to hang out with

Peach Gumi - soft, round and wants to be everybody's bestie

Pineapple Gumi - super tropical, ready to add a zing to your day


Mogu Mogu’s & Gumi Gumi’s first meet in the tropics

On the tropical island where Mogu Mogu is from, adorned with gorgeous beaches, lush jungles and crystal waters, Mogu didn’t enjoy this paradise as much as he could when he was living alone. One day Mogu Mogu was walking along in the sunshine when something appeared from the bushes. A colourful face popped up ‘Hello, I'm Gumi Gumi!’ Next, more of these faces appeared - all of them looked similar, but in a rainbow of different colours. From all the jumping around and excitement, Mogu Mogu fell over. The Gumi’s helped him back on his feet. 



Mogu Mogu & The Gumi’s take the world

After their run-in, Mogu Mogu and the Gumi’s became inseparable. One day, to Mogu Mogu’s surprise he found a floating bottle on the beach containing a message from a faraway island. He looked at the message and asked Gumi Gumi “Do you like to help those in need of having fun?” - the Gumi’s answered in delight “YAAAAAY!” This marked the start of a beautiful friendship, where they built a raft and set sail to embark on adventures across the world. They left their tropical island and sailed into our world, where they worked together to create the refreshing beverage sensation that we know now as Mogu Mogu! There are as many flavours as there are Gumi’s, each with a unique personality and taste for you to enjoy. 

Mogu & Gumi’s Friendship

When Mogu Mogu and Gumi come together - a taste fusion that offers a magical taste experience. Just like Mogu & Gumi’s friendship, the Mogu drink flavours merge and combine to offer the ultimate flavoursome friendship bursting with excitement. Mogu’s juiciness and Gumi’s nata de coco’s chewiness, although both good alone come alive when they are blended together! Both are equal parts of the Mogu Mogu experience, where together they lift each other up and make the perfect formula that you can both drink and snack on simultaneously. A friendship designed to delight, surprise and enjoy, Mogu Mogu is sunshine in a bottle and celebrates life, and laughter and harnesses those feel-good vibes!