Mixing Mogu Mogu

Summer is here, and the perfect way to cool down is with a refreshing, thirst-quenching drink, right? With the recent heatwave in the UK, people have been experimenting with the infamous Mogu Mogu! We have collated a few drink ideas for your garden parties, your general park snacking or just your work break rehydration time. 

Are you an advocate for lively and fun-spirited drinks with a twist? Look no further, Mogu Mogu is delicious and with chewy nata de coco, you get the ultimate drinking experience, which is a taste sensation in 12 different flavours! Of course, there is a flavour for every occasion, so apply your favourite flavours to our drinking concept!

Mogu Mogu x Yakult

This makes your favourite drinking experience even greater! Who would have guessed that Mogu Mogu is a great mix with Yakult? The creamy, milky Yakult texture and the presence of nata de coco in the Mogu Mogu drink together, enhances texture in every sip! Choose to add in Yakult or a Strawberry milk drink to add more flavours to your drink. Another popular option is to add Soju, the Korean alcoholic drink. Therefore, these several options can be suitable for a refreshing daytime snack, or in the evening with friends!

Yakult and Mogu Mogu


  • ½ bottle of Mogu Mogu
  • 2 shots of Soju (optional) 
  • ½ glass of Yakult

Mogu Mogu x Fruit Slushie

Out in the sun all day and need a cooldown? Simply freeze your Mogu Mogu, to cool down and add the icy element. Freeze for 1 day, and then take out the next day to


  • 1 Medium-sized ripe and sweet watermelon seeded, removed from the rind and cut up into chunks 
  • 200ml of water plus more if needed to thin out the mixture, this can depend on blender quality!
  • Juice of two limes
  • 150 ml of Vodka (optional)
  • 100ml Triple Sec (optional)
  • Extra watermelon slices and lime wedges for garnish


  1. Blend your watermelon chunks with the water and then strain to remove most of the pulp
  2. Pour the liquid remaining into ice cube trays and freeze, should fill approx two trays if not more, and freeze for at least 4 hours
  3. Pour into glasses and ​garnish with watermelon slices and lime wedges and enjoy

Optional Steps including alcohol: 

  1. Place the watermelon cubes in your blender, pour in the Vodka, Triple Sec and the lime juice and blend
  2. Pour into glasses and ​garnish with watermelon slices and lime wedges and enjoy

Mogu Mogu Ice Pops

Heading out to the park? Prep your Mogu Mogu ahead of time with ice cube packs and lolly pop makers! Formed from the liquid, simply add to the freezer how you like and enjoy. Mogu Mogu is best served cold, and there are many ways to serve your Mogu Mogu! 

Mogu Mogu Sparkling

Wanting to add a little more oomph to your already lively Mogu Mogu? Separate out your Mogu Mogu and mix with Sprite for a longer drink. Still sweet, the Mogu Mogu compliments the Sprite, and as well as the nata de coco adding texture, it adds a little more jazzy fizzle! Pass this one on to the kids, they will be extremely grateful.